HILTI DD 100 Core Drill With Accessories, Incl. 5" Diamond Core Bit $700.0
I am auctioning off my heavy duty Hilti Core Drill and accessories as pictured. This includes a 5" diamond core bit and several smaller bits, adapters and the case. Everything is in good working condition, and for those of you who know Hilti, you know I paid a fortune for those bits. However, I have a daughters wedding to pay for, so time to sell things I don't absolutely need. This is a great pie ...  More
HiLTI Diamond Core Drill DCI 9/16" X 16" NEW in box $19.0HiLTI Diamond Core Drill DCI 9/16" X 16" NEW in box
Hilti DD-250E Diamond Coring Core Bore Drill Rig $500.0
NO RESERVE!!!!! Let me start by saying I have no idea how to work this machine. I was responsible for clearing out a concrete business that went under. This was an item found during cleanout. With that being said, the unit turns on and sounds great. Does have a handle that is broken but from what I can tell it's not necessarily used during drilling. Please ask questions and I will do my best to an ...  More
DD 150-U 120V Diamond coring toolDD-ST150-U CTL DD 150 motor drill stand Number of gears 3 Chuck type BI+ Wet or dry operation Wet and Dry Dimensions (LxWxH) 20.3 x 5.1 x 6.3 in Wall accessibility 1.6 in A-weighted emission sound pressure level 93 dB (A) 1 Weight of complete system 47 lb. Column extension Yes (Optional) Service indicator Yes GFCI ground fault interrupter Yes Corner accessibility 2 ...  More
Hilti 6"x17'' Diamond Hole Core saw Bit drill PM3 DD B concrete masonry $137.5Brand new Hilti concrete masonry stone brick hole core saw. Diamone core bits for heavy duty coring applications. Connection head is 1 1/4" x 7 thread. See pics for description from manual.
Hilti 1 inch Diamond Core Drill Bit $90.0Hilti 1" x 12" diamond core drill bit model 1 12 BI TOR 03024217 product number 96333650
NEW Hilti TE-C-BK-TW 3" Hammer Drill Core Percussion Masonry Bit SDS Plus 3" $175.0
Hilti TE-YX 1 5/16" x 23" Drill Core Percussion Masonry Bit SDS Max #340714 $135.0
Hilti TE-Y-BK 68/550 2 5/8" - 12" Masonry Core SDS Max Percussion Drill Bit $110.0
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